10.9. IGDA Helsinki Gathering

2.9.2019 Kirjoittanut Milla Pennanen

Come and join us in IGDA Helsinki Gathering! 

17:00 Doors open
17:30 Seminar with Aalto ENT and Game Makers of Finland
19:00 Gathering & Networking Demo Corner

Game Makers of Finland
Game Makers of Finland is the world's first union for the people who work in the game industry. Our mission is to help create, develop and implement the best practices in the game industry together with all of you. http://peliala.fi/en/

Aalto ENT
Aalto University Developing Entrepreneurship (Aalto ENT) understands the challenges of entrepreneurship and offers agile and practical solutions to develop companies business operations and create new business. Our offering is targeted both to the start of the entrepreneurial journey and to the later stages when ideas and businesses develop. Aalto ENT supports innovation and renewal in organizations using lean startup methodology. https://www.aaltoent.fi/en/home

What are the unanswered questions regarding education and training in the Finnish game industry? Does the game community need more training and mentorship? What are the success stories behind these mentorship programs?

Ask the panelists
For the September gathering we want to hear the community's opinion on Education and Training in the Game industry. Is it necessary to go through a Training program during your career in the industry? What are the biggest questions regarding Education and Training in Finland? What is your experience with training and workshops in the industry?

Use the linked questionnaire to ask any question you would like to address to our panelists and it may be featured in the panel on the 10th of September. Answer the questionnaire: https://forms.gle/6SnVRMGrtQhUM8U5A

Arja Martikainen,  Business Owner, Northstar
Natasha Skult: CEO, Mi Tale
Veli-Pekka Piirainen: Founder and Chairman of the Board, Critical Force
Taina Myöhänen: President, Women in Games Finland


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Milla Pennanen


Milla Pennanen

Milla is the Executive Director of the Game Makers of Finland. She has a long background in journalism and gaming. She loves Star Trek, plays football and is a wannabe-bassist. She maintains Game Makers' channels and visits a lot of events in the game industry, whose moods and thoughts are shared in our social media channels. Contact: milla@peliala.fi Haastakaa pelaamaan! IDt: Xbox JaDel2 / PS JaDelFINe / Game Center JaDel2_ / Twitch JaDelFINe