26.9. Lunch meeting in Kajaani

18.9.2019 Kirjoittanut Milla Pennanen

Come to our lunch meeting in Kajaani!

Would you like to know what we are doing and why we should organize ourselves? We offer lunch break during the Northern Game Summit to our members and to those who are interested in Game Maker’s membership. Lunch is organized together with Union of Professional Engineers in Finland. In the lunch you can meet our chairman of the board Pauli Eronen and an advisor from Insinööriliitto. 

Place: Restaurant Rosso, Kauppakatu 21, Kajaani
Register: Choose your lunch date at 11 or 12 here

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Milla Pennanen


Milla Pennanen

Milla is the Executive Director of the Game Makers of Finland. She has a long background in journalism and gaming. She loves Star Trek, plays football and is a wannabe-bassist. She maintains Game Makers' channels and visits a lot of events in the game industry, whose moods and thoughts are shared in our social media channels. Contact: milla@peliala.fi Haastakaa pelaamaan! IDt: Xbox JaDel2 / PS JaDelFINe / Game Center JaDel2_ / Twitch JaDelFINe