Game Maker Graffiti Day 26.9

12.9.2020 Kirjoittanut Milla Pennanen
Have you always wanted to try graffiti? Either you are a noob, a pro or old schooler, come and have fun in our Graffiti Day. We are going to paint in authorised and legal graffiti walls with pro artists. They will guide you and give basic lecture about techniques. You can paint what ever you want or an exampel tag designed by the pros'.

So, all you need is to sign up and show up. You can take your friend with you. And please do sign via Ticket link, so we can acquire enough spray cans.

We are having this simultaneously in three locations on Saturday 26.9. at 14:00-16:00.
The places are:

  • Helsinki, Suvilahti
  • Lahti, Lahden tori
  • Oulu, TBA soon
Event in Facebook. Sign up here.


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Milla Pennanen


Milla Pennanen

Milla is the Executive Director of the Game Makers of Finland. She has a long background in journalism and gaming. She loves Star Trek, plays football and is a wannabe-bassist. She maintains Game Makers' channels and visits a lot of events in the game industry, whose moods and thoughts are shared in our social media channels. Contact: Haastakaa pelaamaan! IDt: Xbox JaDel2 / PS JaDelFINe / Game Center JaDel2_ / Twitch JaDelFINe