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cooperation, help, negotiations, support, yt-neuvottelut

Cooperation negotiations = YT-neuvottelut

10.1.2019 Kirjoittanut, Milla Pennanen

If your company and representatives needs help and support at any point of negotations, please contact us immediately. 

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General Meeting 30.11. – Helsinki

It´s time to have our General Autumn Meeting (syyskokous). It will be held on Friday 30.11. at 17.30-19.00 in Games Factory, Lapinlahdenkatu 16, Helsinki.

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Game Music Quiz

Game Music Quiz 30.10. – Oulu

Do you know everything about games and game music and love VR games? Now is your time to test your knowledge in this unique event and play in VR Heaven after the quiz. 

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Ensimmäinen vuosi on pian takana!

Game Makers of Finland on siis nyt jo lähes vuoden vanha. Paljon asioita on tehty ja paljon vielä tullaan tekemään.

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