Tule mukaan Peliala ry:n toimintaan luomaan parhaat käytännöt pelialalle!

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Jäsenkampanja: Voita yksityisnäytös leffateatteriin!

Mahtavia uutisia! Arvomme kaikkien tämän vuoden aikana Peliala ry:n jäseniksi liittyneiden kesken oman yksitysnäytöksen Finnkinon leffateatterissa!

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  • The yearly salary survey is now open! We invite everyone who works in the industry to answer to our important and comprehensive survey. This year we are asking also about wellbeing and coping at work. 
Survey is anonymous and the results will be published in December. Last day to answer is 31.10.

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  • What a day! Thank you @expajkl and all the fantastic people in Jyväskylä. Sami and Milla had a blast!
#expajkl #jyväskylä #businessjyväskylä #igdajyväskylä #igdajkl
  • Greetings from Northern Game Summit! Day has been full of interesting speeches and people. We started the day with a lunch in local restaurant, thank you all for the participation. 🤩

See you tomorrow in Jyväskylä #xmasjkl!

#ngs #ngs19 #kajaani #onnela #gamemakers
  • Jaakko Kemppainen wrote Pelisuunnittelijan peruskirja, an epic book with short novels for game developers. He shares his experiences, mistakes and success stories. 
Would you like to win this book? Like and comment your best tip how to make your game to success under this post by 6th of October. One lucky winner will get this book with signature. 
#pelisuunnittelija #gamedeveloper #gamedesign 
Competition is in Instagram and in Facebook and they are not involved in this competition.
  • We had a board meeting yesterday and after that we tried the exciting escape room in a suitcase and saved the world! 👌

Lots of events coming in this autumn! Today we’re in IGDA Kotka and next week in IGDA Helsinki. See you!

Thanks @crypticcargo for the amazing experience! 🙌❤️
#gamemaker #boardmeeting #escaperoom
  • Aalto EE Game Executive Program enrolment has started and will be running until 15 September. Game Makers of Finland are proud sponsors of this internationally renowned program. Game Executive is exclusively designed for game companies seeking exponential growth. It familiarizes participants with the fundamentals and strategies that lie behind managing and building a successful business so that they can sky-rocket their business development. #gamemaker #aaltoee #gameexecutiveprogram #studygamesuccess