Welcome to the Game Makers of Finland to create the best practices for the game industry! Everyone who works or study in game industry can join us.

Game Makers of Finland´s mission is to develop, support and assist everyone in the gaming industry. We are a member of Association of IT sector Employees (Tietoala) and we are part of the Union of the Professional Engineers in Finland. The Union provides all it´s members with comprehensive services and benefits and has more than 70 employees in different skill areas.

Still pondering? Read more why to join.

GMoF Uutiset

Events in the Autumn

Autumn 2023 is full of events in the game industry, in which Game Makers of Finland is also involved

Salary Survey 2022 is now open – answer and make an impact

Our mission is to create the best practices for the Finnish game industry.

Salaries in the game industry are growing rapidly

At the turn of the year, Game Makers of Finland carried out an annual salary survey. Nearly 200 workers in the industry responded to the survey, and the results were shocking.

Why join the union?

Isn’t it old school?

Union membership can be compared with taking out insurance. However, it is much more than that. It means looking after yourself and your family. It means developing yourself. It is for situations when something in working life changes and you don’t know what to do.

We know about better tools and offer them to you to use in new situations. Old school perhaps, but always up-to-date.

Why on earth the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland?

I have a diploma from Liberty City University.

The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland is a union for all game industry employees. We want to promote the general well-being and growth of the industry. We listen to the voices of employees and understand the special character of the industry. We negotiate the collective agreement on behalf of our members.

The collective agreement, (tes in finnish) is an agreement between employee and employer unions that is applied in companies in the game industry. It covers the terms of employment in the industry, such as working hours, holidays and sick pay.

We know the rules of the game in working life that bind your company and help you. Where necessary, we have the way and means to act on your behalf. Together we take care of matters relating to developers, designers, voice designers, producers and animators and have fun together.

What do I get?

I should buy an Artiphon.

With the price of a few festival tickets a year, you will receive security and piece of mind

This is what we mean

Help to make your dreams come true

This is what we mean

Better possibilities to succeed in working life

This is what we mean

Great let's improve the game industry!

Join us! All new members can win gift cards!

Membership in Game Makers of Finland and same time in Union of Professional Engeneers in Finland (Insinööriliitto) is applied via member associations. You can choose between over 30 regional and six national associations. Everyone working in the game industry can join Insinööriliitto´s association called Association of IT sector employees (Tietoala ry). Game Makers of Finland is part of Assocation of IT Sector Employees and Union of Professional Engineers in Finland.