Problems in the workplace

Improper treatment or harassment should be addressed immediately. You can also try to prevent this by drawing up common rules or guidelines of the company and making sure everyone is aware of them. Employees are represented by a labor protection commissioner or shop steward and are also supported by a union, in the game industry it is us, Game Makers of Finland.

What is harassment?

Harassment is any activity that can endanger or harm an employee’s health. It is also a constant negative activity or behavior. The employer has an obligation to intervene as soon as they are informed. For later handling of the harassment situation, it is a good idea to write down what has happened and how any attempt has been made to resolve the matter.

Examples of harassment

  • repeated intimidation or bullying
  • malicious and suggestive messages
  • derogatory and mocking speeches
  • constant unjustified criticism and complication of work
  • questioning reputation or position
  • isolation from the work community
  • sexual harassment

To whom can I report harassment?

First, you should find out if there is a guideline of harassment in the workplace. If not, the harassment should be raised with the mistreated person as soon as possible and told that his or her behavior is inappropriate and should be stopped. If the situation persists or it is impossible to have a discussion with the disruptor, the matter should be reported to the immediate supervisor, the occupational health and safety officer, the shop steward or the occupational health care representative. In addition, the matter can be contacted directly with the union, which will review the situation and create more specific tactics to deal with the situation.

Schools, meetings, conferences or other similar situations often have their own harassment liaison officers who can be notified of the situation.

You can also report the harassment HERE (the form is in Finnish). 

Who can report harassment?

A victim of improper treatment or harassment can make a report, but a witness or other observer of the situation also has a duty to intervene. When a so-called third party acts, it would be a good idea to try to discuss the matter with both parties, but if it proves challenging, the third party can inform the employer or the employees' representative.

What happens after a harassment report is made?

When an employer receives notification of harassment, it must initiate action without delay. The person who experienced the harassment will be informed of the actions to be taken and the timetable for starting the investigation. In addition, the employer must objectively investigate the course of the harassment or incident from all parties. When an employer intervenes in harassment, the goal is to stop the harassment behavior and its implementation is also monitored. In serious situations, factors outside the organization can be involved in resolving the situation.

If the employer does not act in accordance with its obligations, it may contact the union or the Occupational safety and health administration in Finland

Other situations in the workplace

Problematic situations other than harassment or inappropriate treatment can occur in the workplace. Employee representatives or the union can also provide advice and support in resolving these issues. 

Situations can be, for example:

  • Psychosocial burden

Factors related to the social functioning of the work community and the organization and content of work, as well as the workload.

  • Equality

All are equal and shall not be discriminated against on the grounds of age, origin, nationality, language, religion, belief, opinion, political activity, trade union activity, family relationships, health, disability, sexual orientation or any other personal reason.

  • Work environment

The work environment must be safe and healthy, including lighting, temperature, work equipment and cleanliness.


See also: THE FINNISH GAME INDUSTRY Code of Conduct

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