Recommend the membership

11.10.2019 Kirjoittanut Milla Pennanen

In a membership recommendation, a member of the association recommends membership to a colleague or friend who is not yet a member of the Engineers' Union or/and Game Makers of Finland. Discussing the benefits of union membership can encourage the hesitant to act; the suspicious to see new things; and the ignorant to be aware of their potential. The most important thing is a respectful and listening debate.

Practical support and tips for recommending membership are also available. By recommending membership, everyone can contribute to strengthening the community and building the best practises to the industry.

Why Join?

  • Versatile career services tailored for technology and game industry professionals. Online tools, training, and personal guidance help you get your career moving in the right direction. Commenting on your CV and job application by a professional career coach will help you gain access to a job interview and career advancement. In addition, salary counselling can help you determine and justify your salary request.
  • Experts in employment counseling can help you resolve frictional situations in your employment relationship. An employment contract is economically the most important contract in life and should be reviewed by an expert before signing. The union's lawyers also review non-compete, confidentiality, commitment, leadership and expatriation agreements.
  • Collective agreement and national framework agreements allow for the overall management of the competitiveness of society (wage developments, industrial policy, tax and social solutions). Contracts also benefit the individual.
  • Comprehensive insurance covers both working life and leisure.
  • Professional networking is important and can create surprising places for collaboration. You can find new acquaintances and strengthen your network at union and member events.
  • Professional pride is an appreciation of one's expertise and profession. By being a member of the Game Makers you are among your own.
  • Being a member of the union is also beneficial in your free time, as membership includes a variety of everyday benefits and services.